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All I Want is Everything – Review

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All I Want is Everything by Cecily von Ziegesar
Age: Teen
Genre: Fiction
Location: New York

If you haven’t read Gossip Girl, and You Know You Love Me, then this review might be a spoiler for you, so please skip on if you plan on reading the series at some point.

Book three of the Gossip Girl series finds us at the cusp of midterms and winter break at Constance Billard School for girls. Newly reunited best friends, Blair and Serena navigate through the high school waters of gossip and boy trouble well dressed and knowing exactly what they want, which is as the title says, everything. Blair is furiously focused on writing her early admissions essay for Yale, despite the family vacation to the elite St. Bart’s. Serena is yet again the inadvertent focus of attention of famous frontman for the hit band 45, Flow. Dan and Vanessa decide if they want to the next physical step in their relationship and Jenny falls even more head over heels managing to snag Nate away from Blair at the end of book 2.

This series is really addicting. I have a bias towards it mostly because I got caught up in the TV series last season. I have the characters already pictured in my head and have some sort of idea of what their future is. It is fun comparing the differences between the on-screen characters and the written characters. Blair Waldorf is still my absolute favorite with her snide sarcasm and her earnest desire to get into Yale and find true love and be just like Audrey Hepburn, and I adore her fashion sense in the TV show. Von Ziegesar does a fantastic job of capturing the teenage crush mentality; when the boy you adore is seeminly perfect and every single thing they do makes them more perfect than they were 5 seconds ago (see Jenny and Nate’s baby-romance budding in this book). While sex, and booze are the hallmark habits of most of the teens, this book takes a step back and focuses more on the personalities and quality traits of the characters over the more superficial and distracting qualities. A great series for teens and adults as well.

All I Want is Everything
by Cecily von Ziegesar
Little, Brown and Company, 2003
ISBN 0316912123
215 pages


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