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AdSpy is one of the most powerful ad spy programs in the market right now. But only being powerful isn’t enough. This is because there are numerous spy tools in the biz.

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But first things first.

What’s AdSpy?

AdSpy & AdSpy free trial

AdSpy is an incredible advertisement spy tool with the largest searchable database of Facebook and Instagram advertising. To put it differently, AdSpy is the go-to authority on social media ads.

AdSpy is a formidable Ad Intelligence Tool that collects data from social media and arranges it so that you can easily and effectively retrieve any advertisement you need in a matter of minutes.

In addition to this huge collection of data, AdSpy fronts some exceptional features.

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AdSpy Features

1. Advanced Basic Search + AdSpy Free Trial

Advanced Basic Search + AdSpy free trial

With the staggering data that AdSpy puts at your disposal, you would be entirely lost if they did not also offer a powerful advanced standard search tool.

Due to this application, you can quickly and efficiently filter and search this massive data and obtain the data you need in a couple of seconds.

With AdSpy advanced search, you can find ads by Ad Text, Gender, Age, Provide ID, Affiliate ID, Country, Last Seen, Technologies, Media Form, Website Types, and so forth.

As you can see, the sheer power in this info is incomprehensible. You want to get a slice. Enjoy great experience by utilizing AdSpy free trial.

2. Look through Comments

AdSpy- Search Through Comments

Feedback is invaluable to advertisers. You’ve got to know about what your clients are saying about your products so you can make informed decisions regarding what works and what doesn’t.

AdSpy’s search through remarks tool Ensures you find out exactly what customers say in the ad remarks for both your campaigns and your competitors’ ads.

Last, you will fill in the dissatisfaction as you are aware of what the customers are asking for.

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AdSpy Pricing & AdSpy Free Trial

AdSpy Pricing

In case you have ever seen easy pricing, then that is it. AdSpy provides just one subscription of $149/Mo.

Reduce your expenses! You no more have to pay for this ad spy tool. Profit yourself by trying out the AdSpy free trial. Don’t keep it to yourself, talk about this discount with family and friends so that everyone can be benefited.


AdSpy is an acute advertising tool for serious electronic marketers. Are you a significant contributor? Then utilise this AdSpy free trial and give your company an opportunity to scale and exceed your opponents.