The Time Of My Life – Cecila Ahern

The time of my lifeThe Time of My Life by Cecila Ahern
Age: Adult
Genre: Fiction, Chick-Lit, Conduct of Life -Fiction
Source: Publisher via LibraryThing Early Reviewers

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Lucy Silchester’s life is in a rut. She lives in hovel of a studio apartment, doesn’t get along with her parents and sits broken-hearted over her lost love. All the while, she’s living in a giant nest of lies she conducted post break-up, and can’t figure out a way to untangle the mess she’s made. After a series of attempts, Lucy finally responds on a message that she receives and returns a call to her life, who happens to by male. Soon, Lucy’s life shows up at her apartment, follows her to work, to her parent’s and becomes the source of change that she’s been needing to get her life back on track.

I’m a huge fan of Cecila Ahern, so image how stoked I was to win a copy of her newest title. Sadly, although I did enjoy the book, it’s really not her best work. The entire concept of a life audit, and the person’s life being an actual person that you have to deal with is an interesting one. The main downfall is that the characters and their personalities weren’t very original, and it has a very chick-lit ending which was OK, but nothing stellar. The book was also fairly predictable. Although the concept was interesting and new, not much else in the book was very original. The moral of the story relied on too many clichés; be true to yourself, don’t judge a book by its cover, you have to be happy with your life to be happy with anyone else, etc.

For the most part, Lucy is really annoying for the majority of the book, almost rivaling Tamara Goodwin from The Book of Tomorrows. I would have liked to learn more about her family though. There were a few plot twists, but some of the twists felt forced rather than naturally occurring. If I really had to pinpoint it to anything, it was the dialogue between Lucy and her friends. It felt too…scripted. Everything felt very by the book and formulaic. Ahern has done a fantastic job with magical realism in the past, but this one could have used a few more revisions and more depth of personality in all the characters. It’s still a decent read, don’t get me wrong. There are humorous moments. I, for one, have a small crush on Lucy’s life.

One response to “The Time Of My Life – Cecila Ahern

  1. I couldn’t stand Tamara in The Book of Tomorrows, but actually found Lucy to be rather endearing. This definitely was very much chick-lit and incredibly predictable but I really found myself enjoying it quite a bit. I also completely agree with you on having a teeny crush on Cosmo. I wouldn’t mind reading a story from his perspective.

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