Storm Front – Review

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Storm Front by Jim Butcher

Age: Adult

Strom Front by Jim Butcher is the first book of the popular series known as the Dresden Files. By day, and by night, Harry Dresden is a private investigator in Chicago, always on the hunt for supernatural activity.

Business has been slow for Harry. That is until the Chicago PD calls him in as a consultant for a grisly double murder. Once at the crime scene, Harry realizes that black magic was used and where there is black magic, there is trouble. Throw in a hardened mafia boss, a sexy journalist and a magic panel eager to see Harry suffer, and you have one crazy, mixed up supernatural mystery case.

Although a bit cliche, I found the book to be pretty entertaining. Butcher did a great job with the plot, the story getting more detailed and intricate with each chapter. The characters are well thought-out and hilarious . Harry Dresden is a likable character despite his sharp wit, and bad reputation. This book was a book club pick January and almost all the girls in the club enjoyed it. We even watched the first episode of the Dresden Files that aired on the SyFy channel a while ago. As much as I thought this book was corny, the TV show was much worse! Total cheese-fest.

I think I may have liked this book more if I didn’t feel overdosed on the supernatural theme already. Her Fearful Symmetry was sort of the last I could take of eery, and mystical happenings. I’m in the mind for something new…or something more classic.

Storm Front
by Jim Butcher
Penguin, 2000
ISBN 9780451457813
322 pages


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One response to “Storm Front – Review

  1. I read this a while ago and enjoyed it. You’re right about the cheese-fest aspects of it, but I thought it was fun. Good reading when you’ve a long plane flight.

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