Book Blogger Appreciation Awards!

The second annual Book Blogger Appreciation Award nominations are now open! If you absolutely love my blog, please remember to go HERE and vote for me (and your other favorite bloggers as well). The awards ceremonies will be held Sept. 14-18th.

The Categories are:

Best General Review Blog

This blog doesn’t specialize in any one book genre, but it’s still excellent. Their book reviews usually cause you to add one more book to the TBR pile.

Best Kidlit Blog

This blog covers children’s and middle grade books. The reviews are great and you’ve even gone out and bought books on this blogger’s recommendation for your own children or other children.

Best YA Review

Blog This blog covers prim arily young adult books. They have great reviews and recommendations.

Best Non-Fiction Review Blog

This blog reviews primarily non-fiction. Their reviews are top notch and informative.

Best Speculative Fiction Blog (Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Horror, Paranormal)

This blog features the best reviews and specialized content in speculative fiction.

Best Literary Fiction Blog

This blog covers primarily literary fiction. The reviews are of a high caliber and get you to think on some of the deeper issues that literary fiction brings up.

Best Romance Blog

This blog is hot! And it reviews romance books in a way that keeps you coming back for more.

Best History/Historical Fiction Blog

This blog features the best reviews and specialized content on books about a time gone by.

Best Thriller/Mystery/Suspense/Crime Blog

This blog features the best reviews and specialized content on the books that keep you up all night!

Best GLBT Lit Review Blog

This blog features the best reviews and specialized content on GLBT books and/or authors.

Best Specialized Blog

Cookbooks? Baseball history? Books written by people who have never been on a plane? This blog’s content is so specialized they are one of a kind…but their reviews really rock.

Best Cultural Review Blog

This blog features the best reviews and specialized content on books and/or authors of a specific cultural identity.

Best Graphic Novel Review Blog

This blog features the best reviews and specialized content in graphic novels.

Best Publishing/Industry Blog

This blog keeps you up-to-date on the publishing/industry world. Even though it’s “shop talk”, the posts are interesting and engaging (not dry!). This blog is an authority on the publishing/industry world.

Best Spiritual/Inspirational or Religious Book Review Blog

This blog features the best reviews and specialized content on the books and authors that address a life of faith.

Everything Else

Best Design

This blog is a pleasure to read – beautiful design, interesting layout, it’s a site you enjoy visiting for its aesthetic excellence.

Most Eclectic Taste

This blog stands out because of its uniqueness – you never know what you’re going to get, but it’s always something surprising and new.

Best Name for a Blog

This blog has a name that is impossible to forget – it’s creative, or witty, or just plain strange, but it’s certainly memorable.

Best Commenter/Commentator

This blogger is a major part of what makes the community great – they comment early and often, and always have a way of keeping the conversation rolling. You always look forward to a comment from them!

Best Collaborative Blog

They say great minds think alike, and this blog is proof – while the individual members may not always agree, their collective whole makes for some of the best content on the web.

Best Reviews

Book reviews are the heart and soul of book blogging, and this blog is the cream of the crop – consistently well-written, entertaining and informative reviews are a staple on this blog.

Best Writing

It’s not just what they say, it’s how they say it. This blog is almost as enjoyable to read as the books (and anything else) it talks about.

Best Meme/Carnival/Event

This activity inspires both creativity and community among its participants.

Best Community Builder

This blogger inspires community through their posts, their comments, and their work on book blogging events.

Best Book Published so Far in 2009

You’ve probably reviewed a LOT of books this year, including many brand-new ones. Here’s your opportunity to name the “Book Bloggers’ Choice” for the best book published this year.

Most Concise

This blog gets its point across clearly and efficiently – it tells you just what you need to know.

Best Published Author Blog

Sometimes when our favorite authors aren’t working on writing their next book, they’re blogging. And sometimes we find out about a published author by discovering his or her blog first. If you were to recommend reading just ONE published-author’s blog, this is the one.

Best Book Club Blog

This blog gives you new ideas for your book club, features books they think will provide good discussion, and is the go-to blog for your book club.

Funniest/Most Humorous Blog

This blog cracks you up. You make sure you’re never drinking anything while reading this blog for fear you may snort it out of your nose. You’ve been known to forward the posts from this blogger to friends, saying, “This is so funny! You have to read this!”

Best Challenge Host

This blogger sets the bar for challenge hosts. They’ve come up with a great idea, stay involved in the challenge, and cheer on those who are participating in the challenge.

Best Community/Cataloging Book Site

This site is better than the others. You’ve found a better community, it’s easier to navigate, and well, let’s face it, you just can’t stay away.

Most Chatty

This blogger has a very “chatty” style. You feel like you could be sitting together, sipping wine, and chatting about life.

Most Extravagant Giveaways

You wonder how the blogger comes up with such fantastic giveaways! You want to win these giveaways, and you also wish you’d thought of these great giveaways for your own blog.

Best Series or Feature

This series or feature is the one thing you always read on another blog. You may or may not participate in it, but you think it’s a great idea and love reading the posts on this series or feature.

Best Challenge

This is the challenge you always dreamed of participating in!

Most Altruistic Blog

This blog doesn’t just focus on itself but seeks to make a difference in the lives of others through raising awareness and funds for various causes.

Most Prolific Blogger

This blogger is EVERYWHERE. You have no idea how they do it. They consistently post on their own blog, keep up with challenges, and comment on other blogs. You’re convinced they have a super power that somehow relates to blogging.

Best Blog Tour Group

This blog tour group always has great books on tour. They’re accessible and coordinated. You’re always happy and proud to be part of their tours.

Best New Blog

This new blog seems to have appeared out of nowhere since September of 2008 and has jumped into the book blogging world with both feet. You love their posts and wonder how the book blogging world ever got along without them.

Best Blog Post

This is hands down your favorite blog post you read all year. It made you laugh, it made you cry, or it reminded you of truth.

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