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Write on Wednesday (but actually on a Thursday)

It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare; it is because we do not dare that they are difficult. ~Seneca

The above was yesterday’s prompt for Write on Wednesday. Its pretty funny how this prompt came up when it has been the central theme of my life for the past couple of weeks. I can apply this prompt to virtually every aspect of my life from work, to my relationship, and even to my writing.

I think what the prompt is saying is that the actually obstacle is not very difficult. Its our individual fear of the unknown, or of judgement that prevents us for tackling a new situation. Some people love a challenge and are ready to jump in head-first. The main fear with writing, for me at least, is that no one will like it. Well, does that mean I shouldn’t even attempt it? When I’ve tried writing in the past, I usually lost interest in my story after I had developed a plot and started telling people about it. They became excited and wanted to read more, but slowly the story just dropped. Maybe it was the fear of judgement that prevented me from following through on my idea. Now I keep me story line private, but still offer parts of my writing to be reviewed. So far, I’m still writing.

I always hear opposing views that you have to write for your chosen audience, not for yourself. Or I’ll hear someone tell me to do the opposite and write a piece that I would want to read. I think its different depending on the writing level. As a beginner, I don’t really have a target audience. I am writing my story based on whatever pops in my head. Whether its good or bad, its still work that I can be proud of. Its still work that is tangible evidence of my imagination.

Write on Wednesday 10-8-08

Words are a form of action, capable of producing change.

Ingrid Bengis

Write on Wednesday is a great blog you may have seen floating around, providing prompts each Wednesday for writers to muse over. Reading today’s prompt and skimming through the prompts of the past few weeks, I began to wonder what the mentality is when analyzing these prompts for a reader v. a writer. The quote above, can apply to both. Writer’s write to put ideas into motion, to initiate change, and it is the readers that read the words, who interpret those words and apply them to their own life in some way. Words incite action, good or bad.

Last week was banned book week. Each of the book that had been banned had one commonality. They were banned to prevent a form of change that certain people deemed inappropriate. Change of ideas. Change of beliefs, change of actions.

We can’t reliably say that words produce only good change. Change is change, and you make do with what you have, you learn from your mistakes, and you grow a little. Without change there is little that we can understand.

Think of all the magnificent speeches made over the years that provoked change. Queen Elizabeth I speaking to her troops against the Spanish Armada, Martin Luther King Jr’s I Have A Dream Speech, Caesar Chavez’s speech uniting the immigrant farm workers in California through a fast similar to Ghandi’s demanding fairness and equality. Knowledge is power, knowledge of literacy, of knowing the right word to say at the right time to the right people.

The more you read, the smarter you become, you can analyze the writing, and understand the hidden meaning. You can apply what you read to your own life, because sometimes, fiction mimics fact.

What do you think? Are there any special books, speeches that have made a profound influence on your life?