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Thwonk – Review

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Thwonk by Joan Bauer

Age: Teen

Be careful what you wish for is the theme of this teen-lit tale of a Valentine’s Day romance. Allison Jean (aka A.J.) McCreary is a lovestruck girl with an artistic (photographic) eye for beauty and truth. Desperately in love with the school’s most popular senior Peter Terris have A.J. not thinking clearly when a cupid suddenly appears in her life. The cupid, Jonathon, offers to grant one of three types of wishes; school, photography and romance. Despite his warnings, A.J. choices romance, wishing for Peter to fall madly in love with her. What happens next is not your typical happily ever after ending.

This is my first Joan Bauer book, and I am very pleased. Its a very light and fluffy piece on teen romance. The teenage chick-lit beach read, I would say. A large portion of the book reminded me of old episodes of Sabrina the Teenage Witch, when Sabrina was in love with Harvey and tried all sorts of spells to woo him. This book is a cute love story with a fantasy twist. Initially I wasn’t loving the book. I thought A.J. was very jumpy and overly dramatic and the storyline was a very traditional “geek-girl hearts popular-boy.” By the middle of the book, I was more attached to A.J. and the story had really picked up as well. Although the ending was predictable and somewhat sugary, I liked the conclusion. Despite all the faults with this book, I still really enjoyed it. There are lessons of being true to yourself, accepting reality, and loyalty and friendships.

I like that A.J. is not a complete geek stereotype. She is a healthy, happy and smart girl, with decent looks who has dated in the past, just with very bad luck. This book reaches out to the uncategorized type of high schoolers. The non-geek and non-jock. The chameleons that just drift through the flow of high school hallways.

by Joan Bauer
Speak, 1995
ISBN 0142404292
215 pages


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