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Troy High (Shana Norris) Tween-Teen Tuesday Reviews

Troy HighTroy High by Shana Norris
Age: 7th grade +
Genre: Fiction
Source: Library
Publisher: Amulet Books, 2008
ISBN: 9780810946477 / 263 pages

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When Elena Argos is transferred from Lacede High School to Troy High due to redistricting, she ends up breaking up with her boyfriend Lucas Mennon for Perry Prince, causing the half-century rivalry between the two schools to go into chaos as the boys compete and fight for dominance in this clever retelling of The Illiad.

Granted, its been quite a few years since I read The Illiad, but much of this book rang true with the original. The story is told through Cassie Prince, younger sister to football star older brothers Hunter and Perry. Cassie’s best friend is Greg Mennon, younger brother to Lucas, who attends the rival school. Cassie and Greg’s friendship is tested time and time again as the school duel on and off the football field.

Although Cassie is a sophomore, she acts and is treated as if she’s in middle school. Although she is fairly insightful and painfully shy, I think she is an excellent narrator, and I think boys will like this book as much as girls. I also think most middle schoolers will really like this book for the boy drama and boy crushes and love triangles. Fans of 10 Things I Hate About You will also get a kick out of another well written modernization of a classic. The characters were well-developed and each teen perfectly matched their Greek counterpart. My inner nerd loves that Shana Norris left a note at the end of the book comparing Troy High to The Illiad, slightly nudging young readers to pick up the epic masterpiece. Even just talking about Troy High with my husband had us both wanting to reread The Illiad right away.

It’s a light and fun read. Great for the beach, and a great way to introduce The Illiad / The Odyssey / The Aeneid to a new generation of readers.