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America: The Audio Book (Jon Stewart & The Daily Show) – Review

America (the audiobook) : [a citizen's guide to democracy inactionAmerica: The Audiobook by Jon Stewart & The Daily Show
Genre: Non-Fiction / American History
Format: Audio CD (3discs – 4hrs)
Publisher: Time Warner Audio, 2004
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One of the first productions from the Daily Show crew from Comedy Central is this account of American political history. In true Daily Show form, Jon Stewart and crew (among the notables: Steven Colbert & Ed Helms) tell the tale of American history with various asides and comical tangents pointing out the ironies, hypocrisies and other elements of our past.

I picked this audiobook up for the long road trip north from San Diego after New Years. My husband and I really loved the other Daily Show audiobook – Earth: A Visitor’s Guide to the Human Race and we thought this would be just as entertaining.

Sadly, it wasn’t. It wasn’t badly produced. I just found America The Audiobook to be more boring and slower in pace than Earth. For full disclosure: I did fall asleep through the entire second half of disc 1. Stewart is, and always will be, a great narrator. He just has that perfect pitched voice, and his comic timing is fantastic. Since this book/audio was originally released in 2004, a lot of the contemporary political jabs and jests seem out of date, especially with all that’s transpired in the last eight years since it was first published. I think a second edition, along with more side scenes and commentaries from the current Daily Show crew would liven it up a bit.

America: The Audiobook is very factual, and I think would make for a great read-along resource for high school American history classes. Get the facts and the humor all in one go. Granted, the writer’s do take some liberties with historical figures, so I would not suggest referencing or quoting from the book in essays or assignments.

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Earth: A Visitor’s Guide to the Human Race (John Stewart) – Review

Earth (the audiobook) : a visitor's guide to the human raceEarth: A Visitor’s Guide to the Human Race by John Stewart & The Daily Show
Age: Adult
Genre: Nonfiction / Science / Social Science
Format: Audio CD
Hatchette Audio, 2010
3 discs, 3 hours & 38 minutes

On a recent road trip to Southern California, I picked up this audio book hoping for entertainment for the long drive. My husband and I were not disappointed. My husband is a tough one to please with audio books, but we are both big fans of John Stewart and the Daily Show. This audio book is thoroughly informative, entertaining and amusing in a satirical way. John Stewart narrates the majority of the book, which is written as a guide of the human race to a future alien race that finds planets Earth long after the human race has gone completely extinct.

Samantha Bee, Wyatt Cenac, Jason Jones and John Oliver provide wonderful color commentaries by elaborating and interpreting certain points. From disc 1 to disc 3, Stewart and crew discuss the origin of planet Earth, the solar system, the history of culture, of religion, of food, pop culture, the continents, industry, etc. The delivery is dry and satirical. There is a black humor throughout the book as Stewart points out the aspects of life we avoid and aspects of life that we can proud revel in. This book leaves a lot of ideas up for discussion. I like that about this book. Although there are times where the human race is shamed for its actions, I never felt that any one guide was singled out unjustly and I didn’t feel as if Stewart and Co. forced their views onto the listener.

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