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SF Booklist (Adult) Sci-fi/Fantasy

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Time travel, rock star elves, death, vampires and werewolves all plague San Francisco and the surrounding Bay Area cities in this collection of works by Bay Area authors. I highly recommend the Christopher Moore titles…since those are the only ones I’ve read off this list.


  1. Erin Allen
    1. Another Foot in the Grave
  2. David Skibbins
    1. Eight of Swords
  3. Sara Gerstle
    1. Four Ghost Stories
  4. Christopher Moore
    1. A Dirty Job
  5. Melisa C. Michaels
    1. Cold Iron & Other Works
  6. Michael Shea
    1. Copping Squid and other Mythos Tales
  7. William Irwin Thompson
    1. Islands Out of Time: Memoirs of the Last Days of Atlantis, a Metafiction
  8. Laurie Ann Fox
    1. The Lost Girls
  9. Ann Zavala
    1. San Francisco Gold
  10. Jean Fitzgerald
    1. The Golden Gate Bridge Troll


  1. JR Levitt
    1. Unleashed & Other Works
  2. TA Patt
    1. Blood Engines


  1. William Gibson
    1. All Tomorrow’s Parties
  2. Sonia Singh
    1. Ghost, Interrupted
  3. Ron Goulart
    1. After things Fell Apart
  4. Brian Herbert
    1. Prisoners of Arionn
  5. Lisa Mason
    1. Cyberweb & Other Works
  6. John Shirley
    1. City Come a Walkin


  1. Amelia Beamer
    1. The Loving Dead
  2. Edo Van Belkom
    1. Wyrm Wolf
  3. Saje Williams
    1. Tales from Magitech Lounge
  4. John Shirley
    1. Demons
  5. Meljean Brook
    1. Demon Angel
  6. Allyson James
    1. The Black Dragon
  7. Mercedes Lackey
    1. The Fire Rose
  8. RA Ruetter
    1. Lycanthropes and Leeches


  1. Jon Cory
    1. A Plague of Scoundrels
  2. Stephan Dedman
    1. Foreign Bodies
  3. David Rey Echt
    1. Messenger From the Summer of Love
  4. Guillaume Musso
    1. Will You Be There
  5. Susan Squires
    1. Mists of Time
  6. James Swanson
    1. The Stuff Dreams are Made Of
  7. Brad Linaweaver
    1. Sliders: A Novel


  1. Dodie Bellamy
    1. The Letters of Mina Harker
  2. M Christian
    1. The Very Bloody Marys’
  3. Linda Grant
    1. Vampire Bytes
  4. Keith Herber
    1. Dark Prince & Prince of the City
  5. Christopher Moore
    1. Bloodsucking Fiends: A Love Story
  6. Christopher Moore
    1. You Suck: A Love Story
  7. Christopher Moore
    1. Bite Me: A Love Story
  8. Elaine Moore
    1. Retribution
  9. Clare Willis
    1. Once Bitten
  10. Mary Wolfman
    1. The Curse of Dracula


  1. Felicia Andrews
    1. Moon Witch
  2. Ann Zavala
    1. Crystals
  3. Cameron Dokey
    1. Haunted by Desire (Charmed TV Show)
  4. Elizabeth Lenhard
    1. Charmed Again (Charmed TV Show)

Island of Dr. Moreau

Book #2 of 2008! Done!!

This book was much more eerie than War of the Worlds. This one tread too dangerously what could actually happen in this era. Although this book was written as a commentary on Evolution, with half man, half beast creatures roaming on a deserted island, it can also be a commentary on stem-cell research and cloning.

I’m not against scientific advances, I hope I get to see more revolutional scientific breakthroughs in my lifetime. I just wonder and worry at the greed and ego that comes along with it. You are, in a sense playing God, which is what Dr. Moreau was to his Beast People. He deified himself to their simple minds, and you could even see a transformation of the narrator, from innocent observer, to almost falling into the same mind-frame of Moreau when trying to control and rule over the Beast People.

I’ll think I’ll take a break from Sci-fi books for a while. Between reading two HG Wells novels at a time and having mini-marathons of Supernatural each night, I don’t want to numb my sense and appeal to the surreal.

Next book on my list is The Liar’s Club, which I am adamant to finish. And I think I’ll pick up where I left off on Blankets.

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