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October Reading Recap

October has been an interesting month. My reading tastes have been incredibly sporadic, although memoirs in some form or another have dominated this month.  For the first time I don’t have any pre scheduled reviews.

I’m not really sure where I am with my initial goal of predominately reading the books from my bookshelf. I think that kind of fell to the wayside about 5 months into the year. At least I’m doing a good job of reading all the new books plopping on the bookshelf this year. I’m just not very far reading all the books that were there pre 2011. C’ est la vie.

October Books Read & Reviewed

Wildwood Under the Tuscan sun : [at home in Italy] Heist society

Evil plans : having fun on the road to world domination Blankets L'Amante Anglaise by Marguerite Duras

Franny and Zooey. The night circus : a novel Uncommon criminals

Geek girls unite : how fangirls, bookworms, indie chicks, and Other misfits are taking over the world The flaneur : a stroll through the paradoxes of Paris A year in Provence

Moneyball : the art of winning an unfair game

Reviewed in October

  1. Wildwood by Colin Meloy
  2. Under the Tuscan Sun by Frances Mayes
  3. Heist Society by Ally Carter
  4. Evil Plans by Hugh McLeod
  5. Blankets by Craig Thompson
  6. L’amante Anglaise by Marguerite Dumas

Read & Reviewed in October

  1. Franny and Zooey by JD Salinger
  2. The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern
  3. Uncommon Criminals by Ally Carter
  4. Geek Girls Unite by Leslie Simon
  5. The Flaneur by Edmund White
  6. A Year in Provence by Peter Mayle
  7. Moneyball by Michael Lewis

July Reading Recap

July has been an interesting book month for me. Although I tried to focus on books set in Paris or France, I did stray a little bit with other reads inbetween. This month was mostly dedicated to the Paris in July celebration run by Book Bath and Thyme for Tea. I had a lot of fun participating in this event, and I think the French overkill has left me a lot less homesick for my honeymoon moments in Paris from this past May.

Books Read/Reviewed in July

1. 13 Rue Thérèse : a novel by Elena Mauli Shapiro  2. Season to taste : how I lost my sense of smell... by Molly Birnbaum  3. Fire in the blood by Irène Némirovsky
4. Entre nous : a woman  5. Little brother by Cory Doctorow  6. Lunch in Paris : a love story, with recipes by Elizabeth Bard
7. Reading with the stars : why they love libraries by Leonard Kniffel  8. French impressions : the adventures of an American... by John S Littell  9.  No and me by Delphine de Vigan 10. The autobiography of Mrs. Tom Thumb by Melanie Benjamin
  1. 13 Rue Therese: Elena Mauli Shapiro
  2. Season to Taste: Molly Birnbaum
  3. Fire in Blood: Irene Nemirovsky
  4. Entre Nous: Debra Ollivier
  5. Little Brother: Cory Doctorow
  6. Lunch in Paris: Elizabeth Bard
  7. Reading with the Stars: Leonard Kniffel
  8. French Impressions: John Littel
  9. No and Me by Delphine de Vigan
  10. The Autobiography of Mrs. Tom Thumb: Melanie Benjamin (Read in June)
Pick of the month:
Lunch in Paris : a love story, with recipes

May Reading Recap

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So, I think I am setting a steady pace of roughly 4 books a month. I am still doing a decent job of plowing through the books on my bookshelf though. There are just too many new and good books at the library that I need to get my hands onto, so we’ll see what happens in June.

I’ve also joined the Weekend Cooking meme and reviewed two cookbooks for that.

The bread book : the definitive guide to making bread by hand or machine and Substituting ingredients : the A to Z kitchen reference

What I read:

1. Between here and April : a novel
2. Bossypants
3. The most beautiful walk in the world : a pedestrian in Paris
4. The elegance of the hedgehog
5. The Maltese falcon
  1. Between Here and April [Deborah Copaken Kogan]
  2. Bossypants [Tina Fey]
  3. The Most Beautiful Walk in the World [John Baxter]
  4. The Elegance of the Hedgehog [Muriel Barbery]
  5. The Maltese Falcon [Dashiell Hammett]

My top pick of the month:

The elegance of the hedgehog