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Portland’s Street Librarian

Only Portland.

Laura Moulton recently received a RACC grant which will fund a project to bring books to the homeless on the streets of Portland, called Street Books. This mobile library is not your typical bookmobile. It is a bike powered cart with about 40 books. She uses a card catalog to keep track of the books and has no expectations of when the books will be due. Only 6 of the 25 currently lent out have been returned. This is awesome in so many ways, I don’t even know where to begin. I’m really excited that this project has been started, especially for a segment of community that doesn’t always get the help and resources necessary.

To support the project, there’s a PayPal account accessible through the Street Books website, where you can sponsor individual books that’ve been requested.

Read the full article here.

Life and things like it

My graduation is so close, I can’t believe it. To think that I have been going to school, straight, for 19 of my 24 years of living. Make that 20, if preschool counts.

The sad part, is that I’m already trying to think of what kinds of community college classes I can sign up for once I find a job, and a place to live. =/

I shall take a language class of some kind. I’m trying to learn French, but that’s been on hold since school has been taking over my life. So far, I have English, Armenian and Spanish as languages I am moderately fluent in.  Apparently, I used to speak fluent German when my family lived in Germany, but I was 5 when we left and I remember none of it.

Too many choices when it comes to knowledge, its so hard trying to think of where to start. I know I want to go back to school to get a second Master’s, probably in History, my next love after English.

I’ve made a personal decision that from now on, I’m only going to blog about things I have done, or will be doing in the near future, instead of just listings things I want to do, but never do. It feels more proactive, and its a supplement to the “Say-Yes” attitude my best friend has instilled in me.

I just applied for a Librarian 1 position, so I’m waiting to hear back on that, there are a few other library positions I applied for, hopefully something will happen. I have no plans for the summer other than going to Chicago the weekend after graduation, and going to visit Portland’s Powell Bookstore-sister store in Chicago! Yay! I probably won’t buy anything, but it’ll be fun to see it. I’ve seen a bunch of lists of “creative bookstores” or like “Top 10 bookstores to visit” and I’ve been able to mark a few of them off my list. I should see if any are in Chicago. I’m sure there has to be at least 1.