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Guest post – The Revolution: A Manifesto

Since I try to stay away from politics as much as possible, I’m not one to read all the millions of books being published about today’s political landscape. My good friend over at the The Cynical Universe, has graciously offered to a review a book written by Republican Ron Paul.

The Revolution: A Manifesto
Ron Paul

“If freedom is what we want, it is ours for the taking. Let the revolution begin.”
– Dr. Ron Paul

Let me start out by saying, for the sake of openness, that I would currently identify myself as a Democrat. I am pointing that out because it would probably surprise some people that I was reading a book written by a Republican Congressman from Texas, Dr. Ron Paul. Contradictory as this may seem to some, if you take the time to read the book, you’ll understand why in fact this is neither surprising nor contradictory.

The Revolution: A Manifesto is not a book about mere politics or positions. The book transcends political party and enters a realm rarely talked about or discussed in the mainstream media: freedom, our constitution, and more importantly, the lack of respect for both which have crept into our lives over the years. Dr. Paul’s book is dedicated to the message of freedom and the importance of our Constitution.

As a result, the book is a concise 173 pages packed full of examples and anecdotes about how so many of our Constitutional rights have been slimmed down, shaved away, and in some cases, removed altogether, and Dr. Paul points out the ways that government- which should assist the people- is failing many people in many ways. Some of the examples Dr. Paul cites include America’s foreign policy and her global military presence, economic woes ranging from inflation to increased taxation, and an encroachment on civil liberties by means of domestic spying, extraordinary rendition and torture. In some ways, this book is not for the faint of heart, though I would recommend that any American who is concerned with the state of the country as a whole pick up this book and give it a read.

Dr. Paul makes an honest effort to open up a genuine dialogue about the issues facing America today and goes one step further by offering his ideas on how to fix these problems. The book concludes with a blueprint, if you will, for the next President- whoever that may be- to help the citizens restore the republic to its Constitutional roots. Maybe you’ll agree with some of Dr. Paul’s ideas, and maybe you won’t, but if you go cover to cover I am confident that if read with an open mind, readers will come away with a renewed sense of responsibility- as a citizen- to protect the freedoms that may be slipping through out fingertips.

The Cynical Universe

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A Manifesto

The Revolution: A Manifesto
By Ron Paul
Grand Central Publishing
ISBN 978-0446537513
192 pages