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Twilight Series – 4 for 1 review

Initially I wanted to post a review for each book in Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight series, but as I finished Breaking Dawn over the weekend, I realized that it wasn’t going to be easy. Although the books don’t overlap with each other, its not hard to give away spoilers. My overall impression of the books are that they are not the replacement Harry Potter series as some other reviews would have you think. I’m still trying to figure out the appeal of the characters despite the weak storylines. Not a typical review, I’ll just write up a paragraph on each title.


The novel begins with Bella Swan’s move from Phoenix to Forks, Washington, one of the rainiest cities in Twilight (The Twilight Saga, Book 1)the US. Bella first meets Edward as her biology lab partner when he takes an unusually offense to her being placed next to him. Over the next few weeks, their relationship develops and its not long before Bella puts the pieces of Edward’s unusual characteristics together. His speed, his good looks, and his strength all point to Edward being a vampire. As their romance develops, a nomad coven soon enters Forks, putting Bella’s human life in serious danger.

Twilight is really the strongest book in the series. The reader feels Bella’s attraction to Edward, and every girl I’ve talked to who has read this book has fallen in love with Edward as well. Bella is clumsy and is very typical high school teenage girl, but maybe a little bit more mature. Twilight is a story that is definitely age appropriate for high school. The characters are strong, they can easily fit in high school archetypes of “jock” “cheerleader” “nerd” etc. I read this book from 10pm until 4:30am, so I have to say that reading that late at night with a cankerous raccoon scurrying around in my backyard helped add to the mood and tone of the book. I’m not sure I would feel as strongly for the book if I read it in broad daylight.


The reviews for New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn are below the link.

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Upcoming reviews updates

Whoever said the Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer was addicting, was most certainly neither exaggerating nor joking in the slightest bit. I started reading Twilight at around 10pm last night and ended up staying awake until 4:30am to finish the book. I could not put the book down for one second. After getting all of three hours sleep, I promtly read through New Moon this morning, finishing around noon, also not putting the book down for more than 1 minute. Reviews will be coming in the next few days. I have to work tonight, otherwise I would probably pull another all-nighter to finish Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. But I think I shall take a break from Edward and Bella for one night. I need something to look forward to for the rest of the week.

I will also have reviews for two Amistad Maupin Books, Tales of the City and Further Tales of the City posted this week as well. It seems that my theme of the week is series.

I’ll also be reporting on the giant San Francisco Book Sale going on at Fort Mason this week. If you aren’t planning on going, I suggest you change your mind. Its going to be a fantastically large book sale, and I plan on getting there bright and early so that I can spend the entire day browsing through all the books on the tables.

Keeping with the supernatural theme (the show did start last Thursday, if anybody caught the season premier), I checked out a biography on Charles Fort, the “Man Who Invented The Supernatural”, a fiction author from the 1920’s.