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More Tales of the City – Review

More Tales of the City  “Remarkable … delectable, addictive.”  -- New York Times Book Review

First Line

The valentine was a handmade pastiche of victorian cherubs, pressed flowers and red glitter.

The Review

More Tales of the City picks up quickly where Tales of the City left off. More Tales of the City continues the stories of Mary Ann, Mona, Brian, Michael (Mouse) and Mrs. Madrigal as well as all of their acquaintances and family. This story starts with Mary Ann and Mouse going on a Mexican cruise where Mary Ann meets a handsome gentleman with a case of amnesia about his life in San Francisco. Having convinced Burke to return to San Francisco, Mary Ann becomes Nancy Drew, trying to solve the mystery of Burke’s identity and why he has an abnormal fear of roses. Mona leaves California for Nevada, in order to put her life back in order, and Michael (Mouse) is constantly on the look-out for his one true love as well as dealing with his parent misguided homophobic letters and sentiments.

The book begins with a couple of chapters that neatly summarize the first book of the series. In this book, the characters going through development and changes, becoming a little bit more mature, and more settled with their lives. There are levels of self-discovery, but neatly written with the Maupin sharp wit and still puzzling, to me at least, pop culture references. The amnesia mystery is entertaining, as is Mary Ann’s obsession with finding out the truth about Burke. Mona’s relationship with the landlady, Mrs. Madrigal is further explained as well. This book neatly ties up all the loose strings left by the ending of the first novel. I’m curious to see what the third book, Further Tales of the City, will take the characters.


More Tales of the City
by Armistead Maupin
Harper Perennial, 1980
ISBN 0060924799
340 pages


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