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Midnight Champagne – Review

In Midnight Champagne by A. Manette Ansay, April Liesgang has only known Caleb Shannon for 3 months before their Valentine’s Day wedding at an infamous chapel near Lake Michigan. The perfect fodder for family gossip, the ceremony and reception leave room for wide amounts of speculation and rumors over the newlyweds. While the Liesgang’s bicker over past regrets, a domestic quarrel at the nearby Hidewawy Lodge ends in a terrible tragedy. As the night unfolds, the lives of these seeminly separate groups interwine.

I’m not exactly sure why I first picked this book up from the library. I was on a book gathering binge at the library and the back cover synopsis sounded interesting. The story itself was what I call a sleepy story. By sleepy story, I mean passively written and most of the story was focused on the past lives of the characters rather than their present. Overall, I thought this book was a good study at snap judgments , superficial perceptions and the negative states of denial that nearly every character¬† embodies in one form or another. The setting at a chapel and the haunted lodge that plays host to ghost of the murdered madame of what used to be brothel is a great setting for this shotgun wedding and gives the characters reason to reexamine the choices made in their lifetime and better understand their role in the world.

Midnight Champagne
by A. Manette Ansay
Perennial, 1999
ISBN 038072975X
225 pages


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