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The Perfect Wedding Details – Review

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The Perfect Wedding Details by Maria McBride-Mellinger

Age: Adult

The Perfect Wedding Details by Maria McBride-Mellinger is a unique assortment of decorative ideas for a wedding ceremony and reception. Along with the creative ideas, is the layout and instructions that come in this elegant DIY wedding handbook. McBride-Mellinger addresses ten aspects of the wedding that can be dressed up in a simple and fun way.

Most of the ideas are pretty general, and can be modified with personal flairs that reflect the bride and groom. I had my eye on a few of ideas such as the Champagne Cage Card Holder which is made to look like cute miniature chairs. I also liked the Pop-Out Table Numbers, adding a little flair and creativity. If I had room on the tables, I would totally use the Table Number Bucket, which is a bucket filled with beautiful flowers, with a decorative number cut from contact paper pasted onto the bucket.

While pretty much none of these cute little details fit into my design plan for my wedding, I think they can double as decorative ideas for any fancy get-together like BBQs and birthday parties because of the simplicity. There are only a few things in this book that stand out as “wedding” the rest are just cute ways to dress up a party.

McBride-Mellinger has set up the ideas to be read as a cookbook. There is one column on the left that is a list of ingredients and a column on the right with step by step instructions for the execution of the design. On the top of the page, she includes a brief paragraph about the use and relevance of the idea. I found her instructions to be very clear cut, and I love that she included the quantities of materials (something I can never figure out properly). In the back, there are a couple of pages about the tools used and a list of stores where you can find all the materials.

I think this book is best for someone who doesn’t have a theme or concept for their wedding yet. I think certain aspects will jump out at the reader, helping them realize what sort of mood they want to create at both the ceremony and reception.

Maria McBride-Mellinger has also written The Perfect Wedding and The Perfect Wedding Reception.

The Perfect Wedding Details
by Maria McBridge-Mellinger
HarperCollins, 2004
ISBN 006052183x
239 pages


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