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A different yarn

I thought I’d spend more time with yarn in its fiber form, than yarn in its storytelling form.  The latest Lion Brand catalog popped up in my mailbox this week, and I fell in love with this pattern. I had taken a break from knitting for the past few months, mostly because I could never really finish any project I started. But this is a simple little top that won’t take very long to do at all.

Picture 033

I’m already a little more than a fourth of the way done.  I’m using Cascade Sierra, which is seriously some of the softest wool I’ve worked with. So far, I think two skeins of this yarn will suffice for my project. I’m not sure if the wrap top on mine will have a lace pattern, I still have to figure out how to do the wrap in the first place, but I’m hopeful it will turn out alright.  I’m not following any pattern though, just using this picture as inspiration.

Image of Downloadable Pattern:  Graceful Top