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Tiny Book of Tiny Stories vol 2 – Review

The tiny book of tiny stories. Volume 2The Tiny Book of Tiny Stories vol. 2 by hitRECord & Joseph Gordon-Levitt & Wirrow
Genre: Misc. – poetry, illustrations.
Itbooks (imprint of) HarperCollins, 2012
ISBN 9780062121639
Source: Publisher

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Book description: “The universe is not made of atoms; it’s made of tiny stories.”

Volume 2 of The Tiny Book of Tiny Stories is a wonderful companion piece to last year’s volume 1. I really enjoyed volume 1, so I was super excited to get my hands on a copy of volume 2. The book’s format follows the same formula that was presented in volume 1. Small stories (one to maybe 6 sentences in length) are paired with illustrations. This volume features 62 contributors from the 14,946 contributions submitted to Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s collaboration project hitRECord.

In volume 2, the stories are just as haunting and introspective as volume 1. Most of the stories or the illustrations stayed with me after I finished the book. In a way, its good these volumes are published during the winter, as many of the stories have a dark & moody feel to them. It’s funny how much truth you can condense into 12 words or less. Some of the stories  I liked more than others, but I can say that each and every story was excellently paired with an illustration. One of my favorite pairings (not pictured) is the text that reads “one day she looked up and discovered an opening in her planet. She wondered if she wasn’t alone after all,” and is paired with a picture of a fishbowl. Although some of the stories and illustrations are expected, others, like the fishbowl, give a new meaning & depth to the story.

These two were a couple of my favorite stories/illustration pairings.

In comparison with volume 1, I’d say that more time and care went into volume 2. Although volume 1 was a great introduction and is also a wonderful collection of stories and illustrations, volume 2 seemed more consistent in its themes. It seems like more effort was taken to match the illustration to the story. In a world filled with reality TV shows/game shows and other nonsense, its refreshing to see individual minds invent such deep and meaningful messages through creative outlets. There is still a third volume yet to be created and published. If you follow JGL’s Tumblr, you’ll see numerous posts encouraging readers to submit their own stories & illustrations for the volumes. I can’t wait to see what the next collection has to offer.

Uncertainty – Movie Review

Written & Directed by Scott McGehee, David Siegel
Starring: Lynn Collins & Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Genre: Drama / Romance
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A young couple living in New York face a life-changing decision in their relationship. Standing on the Brooklyn Bridge, they flip a coin to see where the day and their decisions take them. One path leads them to Brooklyn and the discoveries about family, loss, and each other, while in Manhattan they delve into an urban nightmare of pursuit, suspense, and murder.


This film is almost 2 movies in one. There are two different storylines for the couple, Kate & Bobby. One path has them on a rather mundane trip to see Kate’s family, all the while figuring what their status is as a couple and what their future is as a family. The second path is an action/adventure wherein Bobby comes into possession of a valuable cellphone that belongs to a very dangerous man. The two are chased around New York City by hired gunmen.

The scenes alternate between these two stories, and the transitions are seamless. Through careful cues (clothing colors & styles, locations, etc) we are able to make the switch from one story to the other. One fun trivia is that no dialogue was written for this script. That was improvised by the actors during rehearsals. That being said, I preferred the slow-paced story (the Green story) to the action paced one (the Yellow story). Much of the activity in the Yellow story seemed forced and unrealistic. The story had many loopholes, especially regarding the mysterious owner of the cellphone and the data contained on the phone. If it was its own story, I thought it could have been expanded and would have been a lot of fun to follow. As a short, it didn’t really hold up well.

The Green story is definitely realistic and is meant to be the total opposite of the Yellow story. Kate has issues with her family, doesn’t want to be like her mom, and has a big decision to make in her life regarding her and Bobby’s future. Along the way, they pick up a stray dog that somehow brings them closer together. There is a lot unsaid in this story, and I like that. It left me wanting to know more, but it was also perfect for the time-frame.

The main message of both films is that life is filled uncertainties. We never know which decision is really the right one. Something as simple as trying to return a phone can go terribly wrong, and something as simple as picking up a stray dog can be the best decision of the day. Lynn Collins and Joseph Gordon-Levitt have good chemistry together, too. The characters are layered and intricate. A lot could be said about them based on the little snippets into this one day of their lives are we witness too.

Cinematic Musings

Having watched The Dark Knight Rises and Inception within days of each other, I realized something that has been missing from my life.

A movie staring these four actors. Preferably a movie about magicians. Something like The Night Circus meets The Illusionist.

BTW, whatever happened to Elijah Wood? Has he retired from acting?


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Tiny Book of Tiny Stories (HitRecord) – Review

The tiny book of tiny stories. Volume 1The Tiny Book of Tiny Stories by HitRecord & Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Age: Teen
Genre: Misc. – poetry, illustrations.
Itbooks (imprint of) HarperCollins, 2011
ISBN 9780062121660
Source: Library Copy
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HITRECORD is an open collaborative production company, founded by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, open to artists of all forms (musicians, writers, animators, illustrators, etc).

The Tiny Book of Tiny Stories vol. 1, true to the name, is tiny measuring 4″x6″. It is jam-packed with over 60  one-minute stories, about 1 to 2 lines in the form of poems, sentences, and illustrations. Each page is a different entity and all the contents are full of meaning beyond what is in print.The writing is clever and you can really tell the difference in the voice of each author. Some stories made me laugh, and others made me sad.

I really enjoyed reading this, and I think it would make for a perfect gift. Its compact, its funny, sad, introspective and encompasses a number of emotions, themes and messages. This is the first in a proposed 3 volume set and I look forward to collecting the rest in the series.