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The Idiot Girls’ Action-Adventure Club – Review

True Tales from a Magnificent and Clumsy Life

The Idiot Girls’ Action-Adventure Club
By Laurie Notaro
Villard Books, 2002
ISBN 0375760911
225 pages

Laurie Notaro is a humorist, and an incredibly funny and talented one. With a title like The Idiot Girl’s Action-Adventure Club and chapters titled: “How I Can Relive the Horror of High School for $103”, and “Revenge of the Bra Girl”, the reader in for a treat. While not all of her stories are completely original, or laugh out loud, there are a few gem sentences and scenes that had me laughing for a good 2 minutes. Unlike David Sedaris, Laurie Notaro is not out to make social commentaries on human nature. She wants to share her life, her funny friends, and witty family.

This first book is a collection of columns written for the Arizona Republic. Each story details Laurie simple, yet comedic life. Laurie is the typical woman. Not too pretty, or too smart, but incredibly funny and very sarcastic. She introduces herself to us an alcoholic, chain smoking and overweight cynic. Her life is not glamorous, but that is what makes her endearing to any reader, because Laurie’s life, and the situations she finds herself in are common amongst a fair portion of the female population. Laurie’s disheveled appearance has her mistaken for a homeless person on her way to jury-duty in the chapter “Gone Courtin’.” She crashes her own High School Reunion in “How I Can Relive the Horror of High School for $103”, and was blacklisted at a community college gym for being a smoker in “I Have a Note From My Mom…” She goes through the horror of dentist visits and OB-GYN visits that end rather embarrassingly. In each story, Laurie manages to embarrass herself or her QVC addicted mother. This book is a good addition to any humorist collection. I personally would love to hang out David Sedaris and Laurie Notaro for one night, listening to them dish out sarcastic and comedic quips about the general populous.


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