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Fables: Legends in Exile – Review

This is one graphic novel that caught my eye. There was a series of this books on the New Shelf at my library yesterday. I found the first graphic novel in the series and read it all in about an hour. Its a very quick and fun read. Its a Young Adult graphic novel, so it was pretty toned down compared to some of the other graphic novels out th

legends in exile

This one, is a mystery graphic novel. My, what a transition I made. The main character Bigby Wolf is on a murder investigation of Rose Red, Snow White’s sister. In the course of the investigation we meet King Cole, Little Boy Blue, Bluebeard, Jack (from Jack and the Beanstalk) among others. The concept is clever, but since its YA, its a little to neat and clean for my taste. The newer versions that popped up at the library are for adults, so I’ll check those out and see if they are any better. The concept is that all these fables were kicked out of their kingdoms by an evil Adversary, and now all the fables (immortals) have to blend in with the mundanes or “mundys” as we are affectionately called.

This is a good series, a good middle step between fairy tales for kids and fairy tales of adults, but I’d recommend this book for the preteens 10-13 years old. The older teens might find it lame.


Fables: Legends in Exile
By Bill Willingham (writer)
Vertigo Comics,
ISBN 1563899426
119 pages


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