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Weekly Geek #11

DeweyMonster is wisely using this week’s Week Geek theme to help sort through her To Be Reviewed list. My task is to choose a book and ask three questions about this book.

So, the title I chose is:

Everything Bad is Good for You by Steven Johnson

This is a book I see in bookstores and at the a library quite frequently but never got around to reading. I’m more interested if the author actually has something valid to say, or if he’s just blowing a lot of hot-air.

Q1)   How do you feel about the author’s point of view that video games, television shows, and other forms of popular entertainment are not damaging to American’s moral development?

Q2)   How does he validate his opinions? Where does he find evidence to back up his claims?

Q3)   How do you think this book applies to your everyday life? Has it changed how you feel about your time spent watching TV or letting your kids play video games?