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Jan. Challenges recap

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I think I was fairly successful with the two blog challenges I joined this year. Granted they are two completely different challenges (one is reading, the other is knitting). Here’s my recap of just how well I did…

My very own 1:1 Reading Challenge


Previous # / Current #

Total number of books owned:                                  224 / 227

Number of books unread on my bookshelf:       140 /

Total number of books read that I own:                   84 / 90

Total number of books read in January:                     6


Alea’s Yarn Diet Challenge

The Stats:

Previous # / Current #

# of complete skeins                            80 / 76

# of incomplete skeins                         15 / 15

Total amount of usable yarn             95 / 91

Purchases                                                 none!

Books read in January 2011

Bite me : a love story  https://i2.wp.com/believeinyourdreams.net/images/Jonathan%20Livingston%20Seagull.jpg

Hotel of the Saints by Ursula Hegi  The thin man

The night bookmobile