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The Constitution Translated for Kids – Review

Constitution Translated for Kids, Second Edition
The Constitution Translated for Kids is a great resource for teachers and elementary school libraries. Cathy Travis does a great job of translating the Constitution into laymen’s terms that are easy to understand. Each page is broken up into two columns, one column containing the original text and the second column containing the translated text. Kids can read both versions right next to each other. Kids can make the connections easier and still be able to interpret the meaning in their own way. There is a glossary in the back and boxes of fast facts divide up the text throughout the book. The book consists of the Preamble, the Bill of Rights and all the 27 amendments since its creation. There is a section of Proposed Amendments with Pros and Cons listed for each item, which can be turned into a great activity for kids in elementary school and possibly up to 6th grade.

This book is a great resource for schools. Its well written, its detailed and is full of activities and discussion topics that teachers can make use of in class. I would even go so far as to recommend this book for ESL learners studying for their citizenship test, or for basic ESL classes. Its a great way to practice a new language with simple writing, while learning about the history as well.


The Constitution Translated for Kids
by Cathy Travis
Ovation Books, 3rd edition, c2008
ISBN 0981453415
109 pages


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