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Looking For Me by Beth Hoffman – Giveaway

photo-bethhoffmanAnother month and another book giveaway! If you’ve read Beth Hoffman’s Becoming CeeCee Honeycutt then you are eagerly anticipating her newest title, Looking For Me, coming out at the end of the month. Via the publisher, Viking/Penguin Books, I have one copy to give away in anticipation of the title’s publication. The giveaway ends 5/31/2013 and is open to US residents only. 


About the book:

Teddi Overman leaves her hardscrabble Kentucky farm life behind at the age of eighteen, running away in the middle of the night and leaving only a letter for each member of her family. In Charleston, South Carolina, Teddi builds a new life for herself as an antiques dealer with the help of a quirky group of new friends. But each time Teddi, now thirty-six years old, leaves her antiques shop and visits the farm of her youth, she’s drawn to the mysterious beauty of Red River Gorge, where her brother went missing at the age of seventeen. Though long believed to be dead, signs of Josh begin appearing in the woods near the family farm, drawing Teddi back home again.

To enter the giveaway just fill out the form. Additional entries if you tweet about the giveaway. Just include @TheNovelWorld in your tweet! You have until May 30th to enter! Good luck!

Its My Birthday Book Giveaway — Winners

Yes, plural.

Since not that many people signed up for this contest, I have enough books for everyone who entered to select a book of their choice. I will e-mail everyone the list of available titles!

This has seriously been one of the best Birthday months for me in a long, long time, my head is swimming. I transfer to a beautiful, brand new library, get engaged, get a sewing machine from my mom and sister, get a crapload of yarn from a friend moving to Illinois, and just so much more. I’ve barely had time to think, much less sit down and read. But that’s life…and I go where it takes me. =)

Thanks everyone for participating in this contest. I hope you enjoy the books!

Its My Birthday, Book Giveaway Winner!

Our winner this week is……..

congratulations-23.gif image by Delaney_55

Lahni from Nose in a Book


Didn’t win this week? You still have one more chance to enter to win one of 8 great titles! Sign-up here for next week’s drawing.

Sometimes We’re Always Real Same-Same – Review

I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect from this book when Unbridled books first sent it to me. The back cover has a fantastic one line synopsis

A seventeen-year-old gangbanger moves with his Eskimo mother from Los Angeles to the remote Alaskan village where she grew up

I’m partial to literature about ganglife, especially moving away from ganglife because a good portion of the teens in my library’s neighborhood are in a gang, or on the edge of it. Its good to have some type of literature that they can relate to and use as inspiration to step away from that path.

This book, however, is a little more philosophical and less about ganglife. It is about reincarnation, about fresh starts, guilty pasts, and regrets.

Sometimes We're Always Real Same Same by Mattox Roesch: Book CoverCaesar is a product of his environment. His other brother Wicho, is a gangbanger who shot a couple 15 year old kids and wound up with a life sentence in jail. Caesar followed in his footsteps, running with gangs, until his mother finally had enough and moved them back to her hometown in Alaska. This poses a complete 180 for Caesar. Despite knowing the ganglife, Caesar was not opposed to moving to Alaska, even though he and his cousin Go-Boy made a bet that Caesar would not move back to LA after one year.

Go-Boy is the catalyst for any and all change we see in Caesar. Go-Boy’s optimism, confidence and attitude helps shape the way Caesar see’s his role in this world. The characters are filled with faults, and regrets and that is what makes them real to me. The characters aren’t sugar coated, nor do they feel forced to be too real, as in other books I’ve read. Each person has their insecurities, their skeletons and their way of dealing with tragedies. Go-Boy has manic mood swings and believes he is part of a good world conspiracy to bring heaven to Earth. Go-Boy is the more spiritual of the two, hand-drawing an Eskimo female Jesus tattoo on his arm each day, as a reminder of his faith in God, himself and others. To me, this book is about transformations, community and love. It is a thoughtful and thought-provoking book that leaves you pondering many questions after each paragraph. The chronology of the book jumps around a lot, with later chapters taking place before earlier chapters. It is a good tool used to explain why Go-Boy is in a certain mood during an earlier chapter, and its a nice way to shed some background light on a scene without making a single chapter seem too long. Its also reflective of the narrator, Caesar, who is constantly struggling between his past and his present, trying to find his footing.

This is a great book for older teen males and adults in their early 20’s, although I’m sure a few girls might appreciate this book, it is aimed mostly for men.

Sometimes We’re Always Real Same-Same
by Mattox Roesch
Unbridled Books, 2009
ISBN 1932961874
317 pages


Find this book at your local library

Sign-up here for my month long giveaway here for a chance to win this title!

Its My Birthday-Book Giveaway Winner #2


This week’s winner for the Its My Birthday-Book Giveaway winner is Donna Smith of Literature, Lattes and Life.


To everyone else, don’t despair. I still have plenty of books to giveaway, and to spice things up, I’m going to giveaway every single book I review this month, titles include:


Al Capone Shines My Shoes.

Sign-up here and look for next week’s drawing!

Its My Birthday, Book Giveaway Winner!

This week’s winner is Linda of Bookvisions.

Didn’t win this week? Don’t despair. There are still 3 chances left to win some cool books. Sign-up here and look for next week’s drawing!


BBAW Shorlist + Bookworms Carnival + Giveaway

If you haven’t already checked it out, the shortlist nominations for this year’s BBAW have been posted. Make sure you stop by and get your vote in by Saturday Sept 12th @ 11:59pm.

Don’t forget to send in your Bookworms Carnival submissions for the 37th edition, featuring Banned Books Week. Submissions are due by Friday Sept 11th @ 11:59pm. You can e-mail me your posts.

Also, don’t forget to sign up for the Its My Birthday, Book Giveaway contest being held all this month. The first winner will be selected this Wednesday, Sept 9th.  + ,

Its My Birthday, Book Giveaway

I turn 26 at the end of the month, and while I will be enjoying my birthday present to myself (my pre-ordered copy of Her Fearful Symmetry), I don’t see any reason why I shouldn’t share the joy.

All month long, I will hold a weekly drawing each Wednesday, for a book giveaway. The selected titles are below. Each winner will pick which book they want (note: I don’t ship internationally, US residents only please).

What do you have to do?

Just leave a comment with your name. =)

Extra entries go to anyone who blogs about the giveaway, tweets about the giveaway, or broadcasts it in any other way you can think of. =p

Giveaway titles:

A Year Without Made in China (Sara Bongiori)

The Coffee Trader (David Liss)

Every Last Cuckoo (Kate Maloy)

The Hatbox Baby (Carrie Brown)

Bee Season (Myla Goldberg)

White Teeth (Zadie Smith)

Year of Pleasures (Elizabeth Berg)

ARC’s —

Mathilda Savitch (Victor Lodato)

The Elephant Keeper (Christopher Nicholson)

Jane Austen Ruined My Life Giveaway Winner!

Thanks to everyone who entered the Jane Austen Ruined My Life giveaway last month. With the help of random.org, a winner has been selected for this book. Congratulations to Ruth over at Bookish Ruth! I hope you enjoy the novel.

http://www.random.org List Randomizer

  1. Ruth
  2. Nina
  3. KittyKay
  4. Valorie
  5. Emily
  6. KittyKay
  7. Valorie
  8. Laura
  9. Jessica
  10. Blacklin
  11. Carrie
  12. Laura
  13. Lesley
  14. Belle of Books
  15. Koolaidmom
  16. Koolaidmom
  17. Laura
  18. Blacklin
  19. Emily
  20. Lahni
  21. Sheri


Dont forget that tomorrow is the last day to enter for the Jane Austen Ruined My Life Giveaway. All you need to do is post a comment with your favorite Jane Austen book.

Also, don’t forget to listen in to Blog Talk Radio tomorrow morning at 10 am (Pacific Time) to hear Miriam Parker’s interview with author Josefina Lopez, of A Hungry Woman In Paris.