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Internet Footnote #6


BookMovement.com was founded in 2001 to give book clubs a way to recommend books to each other on a national level.

This is a great resource I found by accident today for book club members. The about page says it all. The best part is bullet point #1, the part where the website gives away copies of books for groups from 10-15 members. Its worth checking out if you are in a book group.

Each part of the BookMovement.com web site is designed to meet this goal:

  • The Preview & Review program introduces new titles to our members by giving free copies of books to 10-15 members (or one book club) to read and review for their peers.

  • Our Essential Book Club Planner tracks what book clubs are reading, in addition to giving our member book clubs a way to share and distribute book information to their members. Clubs create their own private, customized web page on which they can post book selections and send notices to members. The Planner creates a reading guide for their selection, and emails the guide, meeting details, Google map of meeting location, Amazon price with buy link and RSVP request to their members. The Planner also sends a follow-up email to club members asking them to evaluate their book selection for their peers.

  • The 800+ BookMovement-created reading guides found in The List are members book selections as well as the selection of media book clubs; The information included in these guides gives clubs all the information they told us they needed: Amazon price with buy link, publisher-provided discussion questions, email link to the author, and web links to author and publisher websites.

  • Our Book Club Bestseller List, updated monthly and compiled from Book Club Planner and site data, shows our members what books clubs are reading now.

Data from the Preview & Review program and the Essential Book Club Planner continue to shape the site and its content.

Founder and President Pauline Hubert has worked in the publishing industry for 10 years at Artisan and then the literary and new media departments of the William Morris Agency.

Libraries and Book Clubs

Once I start my new job in a couple of weeks, there will probably be some changes to my blog. I still want it to be primarily for book reviews, but I’m sure some interesting articles and clipping concerning all things libraries will make their way on here.

I’m hoping to start a book club at my new library. It would be fairly informal, meeting just once a month. I would like to pick out books that will work for young adults and adults. Anyway, in doing some research, I came across this curious list of 25 ways libraries can serve book groups from Booklist. This is aimed more towards librarians that general book club members, but the ideas are still pretty good if you want to take your book club to the library at some point. There is a section with useful tips and ideas for starting your own book club at the same website here

From BookList

25 Ways Libraries Can Serve Book Groups

Libraries need to recognize book group readers as one of their core audiences, a population that deserves “extra-mile” service. Here’s my list of 25 ways that a library can support book groups. How many of these are available at your local library?

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