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Blankets (Craig Thompson) – Review

BlanketsBlankets by Craig Thompson
Age: Adult
Genre: Graphic Novel / Graphic Memoir
Publisher: Top Shelf Productions, 2003
ISBN: 1891830430
582 pages 
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Told in nine chapters, Craig Thompson’s beautifully illustrated graphic memoir tells the story of a young man finding love, questioning his faith, losing his love and losing his faith.

Despite the hefty size of the book, a whopping 582 pages, the story is told through black and white illustrations, many of which add so much more to the story than mere words ever could. The story centers around Craig’s two-week visit with his friend, Raina. Craig met Raina at a Christian summer camp, and the two exchanged letters frequently before setting up the visit.

Told through flashbacks of Craig’s life, and through the present state of Raina’s deteriorating family life, Blankets is about Craig’s journey of self-discovery, focusing on his relationship with 3 specific people. First, his younger brother. Second, Raina, and third, his relationship and struggle with his faith. Craig learns the painful lessons of family pains and heartaches, joys and quiet moments of bonding.

Neil Gaiman’s quote on the inside cover perhaps sums it up the best:

moving, tender, beautifully drawn, painfully honest…

Book 53 of 2011

Island of Dr. Moreau

Book #2 of 2008! Done!!

This book was much more eerie than War of the Worlds. This one tread too dangerously what could actually happen in this era. Although this book was written as a commentary on Evolution, with half man, half beast creatures roaming on a deserted island, it can also be a commentary on stem-cell research and cloning.

I’m not against scientific advances, I hope I get to see more revolutional scientific breakthroughs in my lifetime. I just wonder and worry at the greed and ego that comes along with it. You are, in a sense playing God, which is what Dr. Moreau was to his Beast People. He deified himself to their simple minds, and you could even see a transformation of the narrator, from innocent observer, to almost falling into the same mind-frame of Moreau when trying to control and rule over the Beast People.

I’ll think I’ll take a break from Sci-fi books for a while. Between reading two HG Wells novels at a time and having mini-marathons of Supernatural each night, I don’t want to numb my sense and appeal to the surreal.

Next book on my list is The Liar’s Club, which I am adamant to finish. And I think I’ll pick up where I left off on Blankets.

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