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Bite Me: A Love story – Review

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Bite Me: A Love Story by Christopher Moore

Age: Adult

***** SPOILERS ******** SPOILERS*********

If you haven’t read Bloodsucking Fiends, or You Suck, then this review of the third and final book in the trilogy may contain some spoilers.

***** SPOILERS ******** SPOILERS*********

Chet, the fat vampire cat is on the loose in the streets of San Francisco, killing off the homeless population and turning stray cats and birds into vampires. Meanwhile, Jody and Tommy are trapped in bronzed statues of themselves, a la their minion, Abby Normal. As the Emperor, the Animals, and the police try to put an end to the deadly vampire cats, Jody and Tommy must find a way out of the bronze statues soon once a pack of elder vampires park their boat at the pier and save the residents of San Francisco.

The third book in the series is centered on Abby and her quest to become “Nosferatu”.  She is clearly the favorite in this, as she has the best lines and the best storyline in the book. A good chunk of the beginning of the book involves Abby recapping the previous books for us, and that was sort of annoying. It went on for much too long. The actual storyline of vampire cats roaming the streets, the samurai with the bright orange socks, and the ship full of ancient vampires back to set order to the City got a little carried away. Between all of that, Abby trying to become a vampire, and the storyline with Jody and Tommy, I felt like there was a lot of clutter. Moore did a decent job of overlapping all the storylines, so that there weren’t any loose ends or random tangents.

Although Moore incorporated his perfectly sarcastic and absurd humor, this book just didn’t have the same feel as the first two books. Once you get into the quick-paced writing its easy to get sucked into the storyline and not be able to put down the book. I carried this book around with me everywhere looking for moments to sneak in a couple of pages. This one really felt like the weakest of the three books. Its really Moore’s writing style and his ability to incorporate the quirks and history of San Francisco, that only San Franciscans know, in his books that made this enjoyable for me.

Book 3 of 2011

Bite Me: A Love Story
Christopher Moore
William Morrow, 2010
ISBN 978061779725
309 pages


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Bite me : a love story