Daily Archives: March 2, 2018

February Reading Recap

I’m so proud, I’ve actually kept up with my reviews this month! Three cheers for me! I’ve also been on a major reading binge, which also helps. I usually start out the year strong with good books, then by the middle, I start hating every book I pick up. Hopefully this year will be different as I’m making a stronger attempt to branch out of my regular reading routines.

What I read in February:

Into the Water  Wigs on the Green  The Year of Less: How I Stopped Shopping, Gave Away My Belongings, and Discovered Life Is Worth More Than Anything You Can Buy in a Store

Secrets of a Charmed Life How to Stop Time  The Music Shop


Total number of books: 6

Fiction – 5 Books

NonFiction – 1 Book

Audiobooks – 3 Books

Setting – England – 5 Titles

  • Into the Water
  • Music Shop
  • Secrets of a Charmed LIfe
  • How to Stop Time
  • Wigs on the Green

Setting – Canada – 1 Title

  • The year of Less