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Into the Water – Paula Hawkins

Into the Water

Into The Water by Paula Hawkins

  • Source: Library – Overdrive Audiobook
  • Genre: Fiction – Mystery, Murders, Rivers

A small English town is rocked when the body of Nel is pulled out of the infamous Drowning Pool. Some say she jumped, some think she was killed due to her on-going investigations into the history of the Drowning Pool and the numerous females lives taken by the water. Long-lost memories resurface for Nel’s sister Jules as she steps in to care for Nel’s teenage daughter. Told through a series of voices, the puzzle behind her death is slowly put together as the reader uncovers the truth.

For one thing, I’m really glad I listened to the audiobook. There are so many different voices and characters to keep track of. Each chapter is a new person. The audiobook, with an ensemble cast, really helped me keep up with the story and the slow reveals as different character reveal different clues. Overall, I thought it was wonderfully creepy and well done. I loved the ensemble cast narrating the story. Although it was slower paced than Girl on the Train, I didn’t find it dull at all. All of the characters were layered, interesting, deceitful. confused, sympathetic, and neurotic. I feel bad for all of the children, all of the miscommunication, misogyny, and willful ignorance in that one small town. So many lost lives over petty grievances and unfaithful spouses.