Between the Covers or Between Headphones

I’ve been on a whirlwind, reading some really fantastic books lately. Normally I’m fine just updating my Goodreads account and watching the number tick upwards on my read list, but lately I feel like I have more to say. I’ve been in a reading vacuum as of late. As soon as I put one book down, another is immediately in my hands. I freak out when I near the end of an audiobook because I don’t have another lined up and I dread driving my half hour commute to and from work without a book to listen to.

So what have I been reading? These are my favorites as of late:


The Almost Nearly Perfect People: Behind the Myth of the Scandinavian Utopia Michael Booth is a hilarious author, taking a witty and sardonic look at the actual lives of the Nordic culture that is currently sweeping through the US right now. Books and media all hyping Scandinavia as the happiest place on earth are seriously considered and slightly debunked in this book. I’m also learning so much about the culture, the history and the habits of the people in the Nordic countries (Denmark, Norway, Iceland, Finland, etc). Its truly a wonderful book.


Physical Book

The Baker's Secret This is another I just finished. Its a look into the lives of one small village in Normandy under Nazi occupation during the end of WWII. Emma, the baker’s apprentice takes on a valuable role in keeping the members of the community float during such a stressful and brutal time in their history. We meet an eclectic cast in the community, from the veterinarian, to the priest to the crooked DeFour and the every so vile Captain Theilheim. I couldn’t put this book down, each chapter just led right into the next in a wonderful tone and pace.

Books in the mail

Thank you to the wonderful publishers that have been sending me books  in the mail. I’ve gotten some wonderful titles that I can’t wait to jump into.

The Little French Bistro: A Novel       Duck Season: Eating, Drinking and Other Misadventures in Gascony, France's Last Best Place       The Little Book of Hygge: The Danish Way to Live Well

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