Paris in July – Reading Resources

I probably should have posted this list earlier in the month, but I didn’t really think to compile it all until now. But its still a handy list for those of us who want to keep Paris and France in our lives all year long. Its my little findings of publishers, online booksellers, etc. Please let me know if I should add anything to this list. You can find a running list of resources as I come across them on my Bonjour Paris page at the bottom.




  • Gallic Books – Solely French books translated to English
  • Europa Editions – Translations of various European authors for an American/UK audience.
  • Le French Book – Mysteries and thrillers translated from French.


  • Literary Map of Paris’ Left Bank – via The San Francisco Chronicle. The map includes listings for author’s homes, bookstores & libraries, etc. Great for a bookish tour of the Latin Quarter.
  • French Books Online – Large collection of French books for all ages, with special features for anyone in a French Language Book Club
  • Ebookezvous – French eBooks – Literature, Practical, Arts & Reference books. Can be viewed on the computer, tablet or phone.

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2 responses to “Paris in July – Reading Resources

  1. I love this map of The Literary Map of the Left Bank. Thanks for the links.

  2. arabellabramble

    Great links, thank you for sharing those.

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