Wolf Hall BBC v Wolf Hall the Book

So, did anyone else watch Wolf Hall last night on PBS? What did you think? I was so excited and then exceptionally let down. Particularly by the character of Cromwell in the show. He was so…bland and lifeless. Cromwell in the book was quiet and thoughtful, but there was a cleverness to him that the show completely neglected to highlight. I think the show overall did a good job summing up the high points of the book, at least the first half of the book. Costume and scenery were wonderful as well.  I’m curious to see how the next 5 episodes progress. I just hope that Cromwell is given an injection of life sometime soon. I’m not sure if its the acting or directing, but Cromwell is definitely not the powerful man he appears to be in the books. Maybe that comes later after Wolsey’s death? I’ll just to wait and see I suppose. His love and relationship with his wife is disregarded in the series, as is his relationship with his family. The entire show seemed choppy and problematic for anyone who hasn’t read the book. There is so much background knowledge and action that ease the flow of actions that take place in the book. I know not everything can be translated to film, but far too much was left out, in my opinion.

Your 2 Cents

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