An Ending

I’m about 2 months shy of the 6th anniversary of this blog. It started out humbly, as a page for me to ramble about books and other nonsense without cluttering my friends’ Livejournal feed. It somehow morphed into this larger than life book blog. It has introduced to an infinite amount of new books, to a whole community of avid readers and bibliophiles stabbing away at their to-be-read piles, only add 2 books for every one they finish. 

My life has taken a major detour from books this year when my son was born. Although I do still read, the enthusiasm I had for blogging has begun to wane. I find it harder and harder to sit down at a computer to actually write a blog post. The little one sleeps as I type this. That doesn’t happen often enough. Try as I might, I’ve had more filler posts than substantive ones throughout the year. Random lists and links have taken the place of discussions about books. I think its about time for me to hang up my hat and call it a night. I’ve spent 6 years cultivating a list of books that have marked my life in numerous ways. My reading styles have changed, my favorite authors have multiplied, and I have found my voice through this blog. But being a parent with a now walking 9.5 month old makes it harder to prioritize this blog. I’d rather sit and read to my child than type a review. I’d rather sit down to a nice dinner with my husband than write a review. You get my point. 

I may occasionally post something here, I do need a space to collect those wonderfully random things one finds on the Internet, but don’t expect to see anything regular. From here on out, I’ll just be updating my Goodreads profile with reading updates. Hope to see you there!

One response to “An Ending

  1. I have been largely sporadic with blogging lately myself, so I totally get how that is! I haven’t completely walked away because sometimes I like to ramble on there, but it is something I consider often just because I never seem to have the time for it.

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