BookVibe Recommends Books Based on Twitter Feed

This has the potential of being either really helpful, or the most bizarre collection of recommended titles a person could ever ask for.

BookVibe is a new book recommendation website created by its parent company, Parakweet. It will gather title information through your Twitter stream, although they are also in the midst of creating the ability for the program to dig through your Facebook feed as well.

BookVibe digs through your Twitter stream to show you books being discussed by your friends (the people you follow)…We compile this for you on one handy page and send out a weekly email digest highlighting books from your book stream.

I’d be tempted to try this out with my Twitter stream actually. I normally am a fan of the Goodreads instant recommendations feed, but lately, it feels like they’ve been slacking on their algorithms, because none of their recommendations match what I am looking for based on previously read titles.

One response to “BookVibe Recommends Books Based on Twitter Feed

  1. Hi from BookVibe! Thanks for your post about us! We love the serendipity of those “out of the box” recommendations that we see from the people we follow on Twitter. While we use a lot of whiz-bang technology in the background, BookVibe is less about algorithms and more about “curation” by real people whom you trust (or follow for some other reason ;-). We hope that you will yield to temptation and try out BookVibe. Here’s a link to your book stream: Please let us know what you think and have a great weekend!
    -Tom from BookVibe

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