Paris A to Z. B is for

B is for Bastille

I could have saved this for Bastille Day on July 14th, but then the alphabet would be out of order.

Le Bastille, is better known as the famous prison where in 1789 an angry mob stormed in to free the prisoners, discovering only seven people inside. Thus, Bastille Day is commemorated as part of Le Revolution Francaise during the reign of Louis and Marie Antoinette. It was later demolished and replaced with the Place de la Bastille in Paris today.

The Bastille was built as a stronghold in the 14th century as a response to a threat during the 100-year-war. It was later converted into a prison before being stormed and demolished. The Place de la Bastille (Bastille Square) was created in 1803, including a fountain in the shape of an elephant. Sadly, that was gone in 1847. The only monument that marks the place of the prison is the Colonne de Julliet, commemorating another revolution in 1830.

Colonne de Juillet (A View on Paris)

Where is it? Bordering the 4th, 11th and 12th arrondissements

Metro Lines: Bastille (M 1,5,8)


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