Looking for Me by Beth Hoffman – Review

Looking for meLooking For Me by Beth Hoffman
Age: Adult
Genre: Fiction, Chick-lit
Source: Publisher
Publisher: Pamela Dorman Books
ISBN: 978-0670025831, 368 pages
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Teddi Overman grew up in rural Kentucky with a knack for refurbishing, and re-inventing antiques into more stylish versions of themselves. Despite her mother’s protests, Teddi forges her own path, and moves to Charleston to work for an antiques dealer she met as a youth. During her years away from home, she and her family suffered many tragedies, but no matter what she does or where she is, something keeps pulling her back home to Kentucky.

This is a very peaceful and beautifully written novel about a family struggling to understand one another. There is a disconnect between Teddi and her mother, especially in regards to how they each forsee Teddi’s future. Add to the mix the unexplained disappearance of Teddi’s brother, Josh, and the family is struggling to unite. I think Teddi is a wonderfully written, strong and independent female character. She sets her mind to something and sees it through 100%. The only part of the novel I had trouble with was the disappearance of her brother. The way it was laid out was very skeletal, so there was always a disconnect for me with that part of the story. Also, the author jumps around to different time periods in Teddi’s life. Some chapters have dates, other’s don’t. It wasn’t very clear when everything took place in the beginning of the novel.

However, this is a great and quick read. The characters are lively and interesting, and the plot has some interesting twists in it to keep the reader engaged.

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