Bebe Day by Day – Pamela Druckerman

Bébé day by day : 100 keys to French parenting

Bebe Day by Day: 100 Keys of French Parenting by Pamela Druckerman
Source: Mine
Format: Book, Non-fiction, Parenting
Publisher: Penguin, 2013
ISBN: 9781594205538, 144 pages
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Fans of Pamela Druckerman’s Bringing Up Bebe might feel inclined to pick up this follow-up book. To that inclination, I say, DON’T! The 100 tips in this book are basically the same exact topics and points she brought up in Bringing Up Bebe. The only difference is that this smaller and shorter book doesn’t have any of the biting criticism of American parenting, nor does it really discuss Druckerman’s life and experiences in Paris as an ex-pat parent. If those two elements appeal to you, then be sure to pick up Bringing Up Bebe. Otherwise, this short little guide through Parisienne parenting is all you need to feel like a Francophil parental unit. This book also includes a menu in the back of meals served at the French daycare centers, the creches.

Don’t get me wrong, I think the tips are helpful, and now that I have my little one, I plan on implementing whatever French tips I can. They just seem logical to me. I don’t know if its my French bias, or just because it’s very similar to how I was raised. On the whole, they are very minimalist in nature. A lot of it is about raising a self-sufficient child, and many of the concepts remind me of the Montessori education method of child-rearing, with which I heartily agree.

Some of the tips that stood out to me are the following (my commentary is in purple font):

#14 – Don’t stimulate her all the time
#17 – Make vegetables a child’s first food
#19  – Baby’s are noisy sleepers (ie – don’t run to the crib/bassinet every time you hear a noise, gurgle, or squawk).
#28 – Don’t solve a crisis with a cookie
#32 – Everyone eats the same food 
#53 – Give kids lots of chances to practice waiting
#96 – You’re not disciplining, you’re educating

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