Laura’s Loop Infant Mittens

After a long, long hiatus, I’m glad to be knitting again. Although I need to take frequent breaks because my carpal tunnel keeps acting up. Which stinks, because right now my main focus is on baby knits for….ta da! My little baby that’s incubating in my womb right now. =)

I’ve also been knitting for friends who are expecting as well. I recently finished a couple of baby cardigans, and more recently, these adorable little mittens from The Purl Bee.

Baby mittensThis pattern is ridiculously easy to follow and so quick to make! It took me only a few hours from start to finish. The original mittens are white with stripes, but all I have is red sock yarn, so I went with solid colored mitts. I do want to make more though, and try them out in various sizes. These are great for newborns because it’ll keep the tots from scratching up their faces with their fingernails, and it’ll keep the little one warm during winter. Not that the Bay Area has much of a winter. I guess it’ll keep the little bugger warm on trips up to San Francisco.

In addition to more baby knitting pattern posts, I’m going to start reviewing some of the baby books and DVDs I’ve been reading/watching throughout this pregnancy. There have been quite a few, from plain pregnancy books to developing readers types of books. So much information is out there! Its super overwhelming.

One response to “Laura’s Loop Infant Mittens

  1. Congrats on your impending! Between the birth of my own little one and his cousins, etc., I’ve knit nearly nothing non-baby related in over a year. Enjoy!

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