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Uncertainty – Movie Review

Written & Directed by Scott McGehee, David Siegel
Starring: Lynn Collins & Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Genre: Drama / Romance
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A young couple living in New York face a life-changing decision in their relationship. Standing on the Brooklyn Bridge, they flip a coin to see where the day and their decisions take them. One path leads them to Brooklyn and the discoveries about family, loss, and each other, while in Manhattan they delve into an urban nightmare of pursuit, suspense, and murder.


This film is almost 2 movies in one. There are two different storylines for the couple, Kate & Bobby. One path has them on a rather mundane trip to see Kate’s family, all the while figuring what their status is as a couple and what their future is as a family. The second path is an action/adventure wherein Bobby comes into possession of a valuable cellphone that belongs to a very dangerous man. The two are chased around New York City by hired gunmen.

The scenes alternate between these two stories, and the transitions are seamless. Through careful cues (clothing colors & styles, locations, etc) we are able to make the switch from one story to the other. One fun trivia is that no dialogue was written for this script. That was improvised by the actors during rehearsals. That being said, I preferred the slow-paced story (the Green story) to the action paced one (the Yellow story). Much of the activity in the Yellow story seemed forced and unrealistic. The story had many loopholes, especially regarding the mysterious owner of the cellphone and the data contained on the phone. If it was its own story, I thought it could have been expanded and would have been a lot of fun to follow. As a short, it didn’t really hold up well.

The Green story is definitely realistic and is meant to be the total opposite of the Yellow story. Kate has issues with her family, doesn’t want to be like her mom, and has a big decision to make in her life regarding her and Bobby’s future. Along the way, they pick up a stray dog that somehow brings them closer together. There is a lot unsaid in this story, and I like that. It left me wanting to know more, but it was also perfect for the time-frame.

The main message of both films is that life is filled uncertainties. We never know which decision is really the right one. Something as simple as trying to return a phone can go terribly wrong, and something as simple as picking up a stray dog can be the best decision of the day. Lynn Collins and Joseph Gordon-Levitt have good chemistry together, too. The characters are layered and intricate. A lot could be said about them based on the little snippets into this one day of their lives are we witness too.