Daily Archives: September 22, 2012

Newborn Vertebrae Cardigan – Knit

In lieu of reading multiple books a weeks, I’ve been knitting again. I stopped knitting sometime in January when I got carpal tunnel on my wrist. I gotta say, it feels really good to be knitting again. I miss being productive with my hands as well as going through my yarn stash and finally starting to deplete my supplies.

So, what was my first project?

The Newborn Vertebrae with Giraffe Patch

My sister-in-law recently welcomed a baby born into the finally, so I was motivated to knit something for my new nephew-in-law.

The pattern is actually really awesome. Its drafted for newborns, but all you have to do is use thicker yarn and larger needles, and you can make a little cardigan for ages 0-6 months. Its knit from the top-down, using sock yarn (super fine and thin). The sleeves are meant to be knit using the magic loop, but I opted to use double-sided needles for each sleeve instead. I also made them cap sleeves instead of full length. It knits very quickly. I think it took a little less than a week, even with the design I added to the pattern. I was a dork when transcribing the giraffe patch onto graph paper. I forgot to block out the mouth, so the whole face turned out yellow. Oops. But here is the final product.