Cinematic Musings

Having watched The Dark Knight Rises and Inception within days of each other, I realized something that has been missing from my life.

A movie staring these four actors. Preferably a movie about magicians. Something like The Night Circus meets The Illusionist.

BTW, whatever happened to Elijah Wood? Has he retired from acting?


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5 responses to “Cinematic Musings

  1. I just watched Inception again too. It is so good, and yet seeing how great it was made me sad that Dark Knight Rises fell down flat.

    • I think The Dark Knight Rises just had too much going on. It was all action, no plot, no conclusion, no real tie-in to the previous two movies. I’m also miffed that in that entire movie, there were only 2 female characters. Neither of which was all that appealing to me.

  2. I don’t agree that there was no tie-in to the prior two movies, there was way too much reference to Harvey Dent than was necessary (with no reference to the Joker at all) and plenty of talk about Raz-Al-whats-his-face. However, I totally agree that there was way too much going on with more plot holes than a third world freeway. How was it so hard for the US government to get into Gotham but penniless Bruce Wayne just appears out of no where after traveling around the world from Afghanistan or were ever that pit was with no passport or anything? And both Bane was knocked off way too easily after it was conveniently revealed that he wasn’t the real mastermind.

    Inception on the other hand, still spell binding. If only the Nolan of Dark Knight, Memento, and Inception had come through with the Dark Knight Rises.

    • Inception was very much Phillip K. Dick inspired, and I’m always a sucker for alternate world fantasy movies/books. It had a lot of depth (although most of that was limited to Leo DiCaprio’s character). The entire concept of dream-invaders is pretty unique, given that all the movies we’re seeing now are just reboots of past films.

      The Bane storyline annoyed me throughout the entire movie. I also thought that the whole environment aspect was somewhat preachy. The whole entrapment and capture of Bruce Wayne was so convoluted. The movie should have either been heavily edited, or broken up into 2 volumes to fit in all of his ideas.

      I had no idea Nolan had a hand with Memento. I really like that movie, although I have a few complaints about it as well. I’m curious to see what Nolan will do with the reboot of Superman, although I’d really prefer to see more original screenplays from him.

  3. Totally agree with you about the overload on reboots. Hollywood is afraid to take risks and more often than not, just churns out crap. I’m looking forward to Cloud Atlas, it will be an original story for once. It is coming out in October, I’ve linked the movie trailer in my review of the book.

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