Linked-In 8/17/2012

A list of thoughts to carry you into the weekend…

Ooo…I think, I think, I may finally have a book review posted next week. I’m excited, aren’t you? This will be the first book I’ve finished in 4 months. No more fluffy filler posts, although these lists are obsessively fun to compile.


  1. Some food for thought: “But why should we think that what is hard to read is not enjoyable?” (Gary Gutting) a NY Times Opinion piece on Reading and Guily Pleasures.
  2. 16 Fabulous and Amazing Libraries & Reading Spaces. Its hard to pick a favorite!
  3. Lauren Conrad Crafts! Badly! And apparently A Series of Unfortunate Events is considered “vintage.” She creates a storage box out of book covers. Its almost too painful to watch.
  4. The trailer for the third season of Downton Abbey is out!! Let your inner geek celebrate!

One response to “Linked-In 8/17/2012

  1. fellow downtown abbey fan…thank u for the link! can’t wait for season 3!!!

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