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Linked-In 8/17/2012

A list of thoughts to carry you into the weekend…

Ooo…I think, I think, I may finally have a book review posted next week. I’m excited, aren’t you? This will be the first book I’ve finished in 4 months. No more fluffy filler posts, although these lists are obsessively fun to compile.

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  1. Some food for thought: “But why should we think that what is hard to read is not enjoyable?” (Gary Gutting) a NY Times Opinion piece on Reading and Guily Pleasures.
  2. 16 Fabulous and Amazing Libraries & Reading Spaces. Its hard to pick a favorite!
  3. Lauren Conrad Crafts! Badly! And apparently A Series of Unfortunate Events is considered “vintage.” She creates a storage box out of book covers. Its almost too painful to watch.
  4. The trailer for the third season of Downton Abbey is out!! Let your inner geek celebrate!