Daily Archives: August 10, 2012


So many awesome things on the Internet. I thought I’d share, because well, lists are fun!

Have a fun weekend!!

 photo by Cooking for Kids

  1. A very unique shower curtain
  2. Bread Bears! The cutest way to make mealtimes fun for kids (and some adults…)
  3. How fun! A Roald Dahl Cookbook!
  4. Inception Chair – quite trippy…
  5. There’s going to be a third book in Ally Carter’s Heist Society series!!!! But we have to wait until February to get it. =( Sad. BTW, when is there is going to be a Heist Society movie? My inner teen is dying to see who gets cast as W.W. Hale the Fifth.
  6. The Oxford Dictionary added new words in June. You can now look up: Bling, BitTorrent, Capitalism (how was that not in there until now??), and Dance-off among dozens of other words. The next update will be in September.