I have a blog?

Despite evidence to the contrary, I have neither forgotten about  nor completely neglected my blog. My life has been full of changes the past few months, and needless to say, my attention has not been on books. I’ve read all of 1 book in the past 3 months, I completely failed at celebrating Paris in July (I didn’t even have a macaron once!), and my posts have been sporadic and spastic.

Well, I’m finally feeling back to normal and I’m actually reading again! Hurray! At some point in the past few months I developed a really terrible disdain for books. It went beyond even my worst book rut. I also grew especially nostalgic for my college years and college English classes. I’ve been slowly making a shift in my reading habits, leaning more towards the classics and away from contemporary fiction. I think Gap Creek was the last straw for putting up with crappy works of fiction. I haven’t really enjoyed anything I’ve been reading, and I think its because most of what I read was not my comfort genre.

Right now, I’m reading a book written by a former professor of mine from SJSU, The Mirror of Antiquity and its a nice reminder of why I studied English and minored in Humanities, why I wanted to become a librarian, and why reading can be more than just entertainment. I hope to read more books in this field, but I can’t make any promises, we all know I break all of those that I make on this blog.

Anyway, all this is to say that I was gone, but now I’m back. I probably won’t get a ton of reviews on here on a weekly basis, but I hope to fluff it out with interesting book news/events and the like.

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