Le Divorce – Diane Johnson (review)

Le divorceLe Divorce by Diane Johnson
Age: Adult
Genre: Chick-Lit
Publisher Dutton, 1997
ISBN – 0525942386, 309 pages
Source: My Copy
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Location – Paris. Cast of characters – 2 sisters & their assorted family and friends. Roxy is newly pregnant and was just left by her husband for another woman. Isabel, the younger stepsister, goes to stay in Paris to help her sister and rediscover herself along the way.

Contrary to what’s been posted on the blog, I have been reading. Albeit very slowly and without much interest in the books I’ve selected. This book in particular is very “Meh.” It was engrossing at the time, but I felt it dragged on, the plot rambled and the final resolution was haphazardly thrown together. Throughout the process of the divorce, a valuable painting came into custodial question. I found the storyline about this piece or art, who it belonged to and whether or not it would be snuck out of France back into the US more interesting than the entire rest of the novel. It has been in Isabel & Roxy’s family for generations, but is a French piece so therefore it belongs to France as a national treasure. I think the only reason I kept reading was to see how that was resolve itself.

Although Johnson has a way with words, her characters were stale and predictable. I saw the movie a few years ago, and it was a very well done production with Naomi Watts and Kate Hudson as the two sisters. Some of the supporting cast were meant to add color and humor to the novel, but I felt there were pretentious and was glad to see their sections end.

Of the two, I recommend the movie. You get to see some amazing visual shots of Paris without all the fluff that comes with the book.

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