Bastille Day – Cette fin de semaine

Bastille Day is this weekend, July 14th. How will you be celebrating? I, most likely, will not be. =(

Every year (except last year) Santa Barbara holds a ginormous French Festival on Bastille Day weekend. If you live in the area, make sure to go!

Last year, I had booked the hotel, gotten my mom and parents-in-law to meet me and my husband there, only to find out a week before that it was canceled “indefinitely.” Je suis tres triste.

Although I am incredibly bummed I can’t go this year, I’m glad its back, and I plan on instituting some type of annual visit to Santa Barbara on Bastille Day weekend regardless of what events are going on, just to make sure I don’t miss it. =p

 < — You could be here!

Sob story aside, the festival includes music and entertainment on 3 stages, a mini Eiffel Tower, a poodle parade (did you know poodles are actually German dogs?), all the food, arts & crafts you could ever want to browse through. Admission is FREE, and its all day affair. There will be one stage playing nothing but accordion music.


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