Daily Archives: July 2, 2012

Paris in July – French Blogs to follow

Since I returned from France last year, my innate Francophilia has pretty much overloaded in all things French. As I plan my highly imaginative retirement in Europe, namely Provence, I’ve been following a number of bloggers that live in France. I thought I’d share these wonderful blogs who simultaneously make me jealous, but keep me close to France.

Do you follow any French bloggers? What are your favorites?

David Lebovitz – The Sweet Life In Paris. – A former chef of Berkeley’s famed Chez Panisse, David writes about food, Paris, and food in Paris. 2 of my favorite things. He’s a fantastic blogger, and responds to all his followers that leave comments as well as those who Tweet him on Twitter.

Amy Thomas – God I Love Paris – I read her book earlier this year and loved it. Her blog is mostly photo collections of both Paris and New York.

Invisible Paris – Highlights the secret nooks of Paris that tourists most definitely do not see when they travel there. A unique look into some of the darker sides to the city.