Daily Archives: June 28, 2012

Genres in Children’s Literature – iTunes U

Australia’s La Trobe University has a wonderful cache of podcasts of one of their children’s lit classes: Genres in Children’s Literature, taught by professor David Beagley. I’ll be discussing each lesson in my children’s blog, but I thought I would mention this course for anyone who works with kids, has kids, or wants to write books for kids. I’ve only gotten through the first two lectures right now, each lecture is about an hour-long. They are incredibly insightful, and Beagley brings up a lot of good points that I hadn’t considered when reading/reviewing children’s or teen’s literature. He uses different books, studies and reports in his lecture, bringing to light interesting statistics. The series covers children’s literature from picture books to novels, and the genres are very broad in scope covering pretty much every type of book from anime to mystery to fantasy.

Now if only I could find a course like this on Genres in YA Literature…